International organ festival Ars organi Sisciae

International organ festival Ars organi Sisciae

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The International Organ Festival Ars organi Sisciae has been presenting valuable organ heritage of Sisak Diocese for the last thirteen years. We have been following the organ tradition of Sisak Diocese since the 18th century. Numerous valuable instruments that were a part of historical cultural heritage were destroyed during the Homeland War in Croatia and many of the preserved instruments are currently in a very bad condition, crying for urgent restoration.  However, some instruments have been preserved by the parishes and recently restored to give evidence of our rich and valuable cultural heritage. The Festival is traditionally held at the beginning of May; however, it will start somewhat later this time, thus being held simultaneously with the Zrin Festival, which aims to promote the heritage of the Croatian noble family Zrinski. The program can be followed live at


Originally, the Festival was intended to promote the organs in Petrinja, Glina, Sela, Sisak, Martinska Ves and Hrvatska Kostajnica. Due to the current circumstances, we have been left with three locations. The Festival will open with the performance by a trio of brilliant musicians – the soprano Josipa Lončar, the trumpet player Dario Teskera and the organist Alen Kopunović Legetin playing on the powerful and prized Heferer organ in the Parochial Church of St Lawrence in Petrinja on May 31. The Church of St John of Nepomuk is a new church in the 220-year-old Parish of Glina, a historical town once ruled by the Croatian count Josip Jelačić and the place where the Croatian national anthem was composed. The Church has recently been complemented by the largest organ in the Parish, which will be played for the first time at the Festival, on June 3, by our brilliant organist Ante Knešaurek. The Project Lazarus Ensemble will be presenting the Croatian baroque music on our most prized organ from 1777 in the beautiful baroque Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sela on June 7. We continue to enjoy baroque music at the concert performed by the soprano Margareta Klobučar and the organist Alen Kopunović Legetin on June 10. At the end of the Festival we will return to our initial location – Petrinja, where, for the first time, we are presenting you our young musicians: the trombone player Zvonimir Marković and the organist Hrvoje Trinki.


The 14th International Organ Festival


31 May– 14 June 2020

Petrinja, Glina, Sela – Sisak


31 May – SUNDAY – 20:00

Parochial Church of St Lawrence – Petrinja

Festival opening:

Josipa Lončar, soprano

Dario Teskera, trumpet

Alen Kopunović Legetin, organ


3 June – WEDNESDAY – 20:00

Parochial Church of St John of Nepomuk– Glina

Ante Knešaurek, organ


7 June – SUNDAY– 20:00

Parochial Church of St Mary Magdalene – Sela

Project Lazarus


10 June – WEDNESDAY– 20:00

Parochial Church of St Mary Magdalene – Sela

Margareta Klobučar, soprano

Alen Kopunović Legetin, organ


11 June – THURSDAY– 20:00

Parochial Church of St Lawrence – Petrinja

Festival’s young artists:

Zvonimir Marković, trombone

Hrvoje Trinki, organ