Oziđana pećina

Oziđana pećina

The first things that come to mind when thinking about Krka National Park are the beautiful river, magnificent waterfalls and old mills, but this area has many other hidden attractions as well. One of these is Oziđana pećina, a geological formation on the left bank of the river Krka, at the top of the canyon above Roški slap waterfall, and beneath the village of Miljevački Bogatići. The cave is an important prehistoric site where numerous traces of human presence have been found (fragments of ceramic dishes, stone artefacts, human skeletons). The cave begins with a hollow in the 20-metre-high cliff above the famous cascades called the “Krka necklaces”. It continues on with a 60-metre-long winding passage in the shape of a tunnel that leads into the centre of the hill and ends in a wide enclosed space. If you use your imagination, you can view the hall as a living room of the ancient owners of this special speleological real estate, and their pets, the bats. The archaeological research so far has shown that humans inhabited the cave intermittently for at least the last seven thousand years. Here, they found a beautiful view over the Krka river canyon, as well as a shelter from the elements, wild animals, and even wilder people. A truly impressive natural and archaeological site, whose only “fault” is that you can easily bump your head against the ceiling as it is only seven metres wide at the widest point, and reaches a maximum height of two and a half metres.

Oziđana pećina forms a part of the educational hiking trail named Stinice – Roški slap – Oziđana pećina, and is a crowning moment of the hike, especially if you are going via the steps from the direction of Roški slap. A tour of the cave is a reward for the climb; it has a pathway and railings throughout it, it is illuminated, and some archaeological finds have even been left in place for the visitors. You will also see a figure of an ancient human brandishing a spear, a representation of a “cave-dweller” keeping warm next to an artificial open flame, graves, information on the dripstones, the cave’s history and bats. The cave was named after the dry-stone walls found at the entrance, above a steep cliff, and it remains dry even after heavy rains.


Don’t miss out on a visit to the Oziđana pećina cave at the top of the canyon above Roški slap – the earliest known “apartment with a view” in Europe!



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